When Experience Matters PatchPlus Delivers


From writing Air Force Instructions and manuals to supporting emerging capabilities in ISR, space and cyber, our skilled staff can provide a wide range of deliverables related to our many areas of expertise.

PPC will provide Subject Matter Experts for a wide variety of intelligence, space and cyber programs, both tactical and strategic. Our experts have many years of operational intelligence, space and cyber experience. PPC employs several Air Force Weapons School Graduates. All employees are acknowledged experts — MAJCOM/NAF award winners and Weapons School award winners with a proven track record of excellence.

PatchPlus has demonstrated considerable success employing a team approach using a combination of on-site and off-site work efforts to enable our clients to capitalize on the synergies gained from tapping expertise across several relevant disciplines. This team approach enables PPC to provide significantly greater value for the cost compared to the traditional 40 hour on-site work week — one person alone can provide a finite level of experience which may satisfy certain aspects of a project — but the synergies of teaming our technical experts exponentially increases the level of support we can provide.

  • Intelligence Training
  • AOC Operations
  • Space ISR
  • Cyber/IO
  • SBIR development
  • Technical Writing
  • ISR Battle Management
  • CONOPS Development
  • Scenario Development
  • Intelligence Systems
  • Analysis
  • Force Management
  • Unit Level Operations
  • Research and Testing
  • Homeland Defense

Advanced Technology Development

PatchPlus Consulting Inc. (PPC) is committed to delivering relevant capability to the warfighter on time and at cost! PPC has significantly increased our business efforts in advanced technology development recently establishing a directorate solely focused to supporting the development of emerging capabilities. While PPC does not develop hardware/software, our niche is to partner with developers and provide subject matter expertise to ensure operational relevance and assist with transition. We have extensive experience supporting Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects, Industry Research and Development projects, Advanced Technology Laboratories, and Air Force Research Laboratories.

Our PPC subject matter experts, who have on average 20 years of experience in ISR, Space and/or Cyber, provide developers critical insights to ensure advanced technologies have a life beyond the lab:

  • Integrate emerging capability into users’ workflow to show relevance
  • Map emerging capabilities to documented requirements to improve the chance of long-term funding
  • In concept development, provide iterative reviews of developer’s mockups to ensure the capability is being developed to the right niche
  • In prototype development, conduct hands-on test and evaluation to determine value of functionality and user interface
  • Coordinate and lead technical exchange meetings with user and acquisition communities to gain feedback and visibility as the capability is in development
  • Network the capability with users and acquisition communities early and frequently to gain their advocacy and increase opportunities for transition
  • Develop marketing strategies for advanced technologies to increase opportunities for transition

Most recently, PPC has supported a number of Small Business Innovation Research projects Phase I and Phase II efforts. In 2009-2010, PPC partnered with industry on eight SBIR Phase Is and four SBIR Phase IIs. These efforts have spanned the ISR, Space and Cyber domains.

In addition, PPC has a strong partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). PPC is conducting C4ISR Training Research with the Warfighter Readiness Research Division in the Human Effectiveness Directorate at the AFRL site in Mesa, AZ. Due to PPC’s current and relevant subject matter expertise in the operations intelligence arena, AFRL has expanded our reach into assisting with their UAV operator training initiatives. PPC is also partnered with AFRL’s Information Management Directorate at the AFRL site in Rome, NY. We are supporting the development of state of the art analysis, correlation and fusion technology for use at the tactical, operational and strategic organizational levels.

Finally, PPC has grown relationships with industry partners providing direct support for IRAD initiatives and marketing strategy development. Since we offer “pay by the hour” services, we can tailor our support to industry IRAD efforts ensuring the right level of support given the scope of effort. Industry has also found significant value in our marketing strategy development capabilities. One of our industry partners commented on the marketing strategy we developed for them: “That was the best business development money I’ve spent.”

RECENT contracts

  • WICC-T
  • AOC
  • AFRL Support
  • Greybeard Targeting Study
  • 8AF
  • ORS
  • JSpOC
  • Advanced Analysis Course
  • 14-2 Support