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USSF Defensive Cyber Operations Weapons & Tactics

USSF Defensive Cyber Operations Weapons & Tactics

Interested in shaping how Defensive Cyber Operations are conducted in the United States Space Force? Apply now to join our team of highly respected Subject Matter Experts!

Candidate will collaborate with United States Space Force (USSF) headquarters and subordinate units as part of the Space Delta 6 Weapons and Tactics team to develop and implement new organizational and operational constructs and further Defensive Cyber Operations supporting USSF mission systems.

Responsibilities include supporting the development of the Delta 6 Weapons and Tactics program in the areas of:

  • Mission planning methodology

  • Threat mitigation

  • Evaluating tool kit employment

  • Developing training objectives

  • Tactics development

Full or part-time

On site, occasional remote work

Tracking #


Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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