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Our SMEs have assisted Service, Component, Air National Guard and Joint Staffs develop operational and strategic policy covering nearly every Air Force mission set and governing ISR, Targeting, Planning, Collection, Processing, Analysis and Dissemination (PCPAD) tradecraft.  We have consulted on readiness issues and implementation techniques across the Total Force. Our exemplary reputation and extensive operational-level intelligence expertise led to numerous contract awards, such as authoring the first ISR chapter of the Air Operations Center (AOC) TTP, instituting a debrief culture in exercises including Red Flag and producing an unclassified ISR handbook as a quick spin-up guide for Joint Task Force leadership. 

PPC SMEs have contributed to Space ISR, Electronic Warfare and C2 Tradecraft in tasks that have supported space situational awareness, space control, missile warning, acquisition development, space integration and Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) support.  We have contributed ISR, Electronic Warfare and C2 analysis during the development of prototype and quick reaction capabilities. PPC has assisted numerous staffs and organizations develop guidance and operating instructions, TTPs, CONOPS, a report to Congress for Joint Reconnaissance Platform allocation to combatant commands, and recommendations to improve ISR for and from Space.

PatchPlus support to offensive/defense Cyber operations and information assurance tradecraft has included contributions to advanced technology efforts that integrate cyber information with air and space domains.  PPC Cyber SMEs contributed to the development of advanced visualization displays for cyber information environments.  Additionally, we’ve applied our cyber expertise to Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) exercises by analyzing, documenting and improving training for cyber operators.  

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