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We bring a deep bench of mobility-savvy aircrew and intelligence SMEs with extensive experience and a warfighting culture to help build a comprehensive military advantage across the MAF.

“PatchPlus was a game changer for our training.”

- Client feedback

What We Do

Develop and expand mobility operations and intelligence expertise

Our aircrew and intelligence SMEs have designed, executed, and participated in multiple mobility exercises across the MAF, including BMTW and Storm series events at Pope AAF/Ft Liberty providing White Cell, OPFOR, and Blue Force tactical coaching. We have built and delivered academics across all three flying syllabi at Altus AFB, developed training CONOPS at multiple AMC bases, built and executed local training events for both AMC aircrew and intelligence personnel at McChord AFB, and taught our Electronic Warfare course to intelligence and aircrew personnel at Altus AFB.

Develop TTPs and CONOPS to help AMC operate in a higher threat, near-peer environment in accordance with the AMC/CC’s Strategy

PPC SMEs have provided instruction on new DRC capabilities for C-17 aircrew, provided new capabilities for AMC intelligence personnel to move digital orders of battle to AMC cockpits, built a new tactics course for the KC-46 squadron at Altus AFB to help aircrew understand the threat and operational environments that near-peer competitors present, assisted in developing new training plans to transition from a “CENTCOM” mindset to operations in contested environments that require agile combat employment (ACE) TTPs.


Provide an integrated team of aircrew and intelligence SMEs

Our SMEs include former USAF Weapons School instructors from mobility, fighter, and intelligence squadrons. All of our personnel have extensive instructor experience in both platform instruction and hands-on tactical planning and execution events; we have assisted in TTP development, DLO design, and crafting exercise events to meet training objectives.

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