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In 2002, when PatchPlus was awarded its first contract to develop tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and Air Force-level guidance for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division (ISRD) in the Air Operations Center (AOC), TTPs weren't automatically associated with "Tradecraft." Today, ISR "Tradecraft" has evolved from "cloak and dagger" intelligence operations to an association with unique skills obtained from experience in the ISR arena.

With a company average of 20 years' experience in ISR, Space, Cyber, ABM/C2 and Air Mobility "trades," PPC has earned its reputation for consistently delivering on many aspects of tradecraft for each.  Our SMEs "grew up" in units with ISR, Space, Cyber, ABM/C2 and Air Mobility missions and supported Joint and service component operations, contingencies and exercises. Our experience spans traditional overseas deployed operations to rear-echelon support from home station to deployed-in-place contingency operations.  We've served on staffs and contributed to a system of thought for multi-domain analysis, targeting and ISR Operations Techniques at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

PatchPlus experts have developed and advised on Air Force and Navy ISR doctrine, policy and TTPs across the air, space and cyber domains for nearly every operational mission set.  We have consulted on the full spectrum of planning, programming, budgeting management and execution, and we have facilitated numerous working group events, to include plan of action and milestone (POA&M) execution. 

Click here for a sampling of our Past Performance in Tradecraft tasks.

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